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External financial management for companies

At NORGESTION, we help companies maintain their operational performance and ensure their sustainability and future growth.

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Management and administration of companies in special situations.

The absence of the CFO figure in an organization can open a gap in the leadership team that puts the stability of the company at risk, especially in situations of liquidity crisis, low profitability, questionable reliability of financial information or fraud by company managers.

Understanding the right time for the incorporation of this figure and selecting the ideal professional to address the project or face a crisis can become a complex task. The CFO is a highly qualified and difficult to find profile.

This is one of the reasons why more and more companies are betting on Interim Management in the financial area. Having independent expertise to accompany the management team in situations of development, change or transition has multiple advantages.

Temporary Finance Director

Interim financial management as a strategic opportunity.

Timely financial leadership, oriented towards the outside and with a vision of the future, is capable of improving the culture and productivity of companies.

The fact is that the role of the Interim Financial Manager transcends the finances themselves and goes beyond the oversight of the company's general financial management. It has become a Partner strategic for many companies and funds of Private Equity in their growth plans.

Functions of the CFO

Duties of an Interim Financial Director.

An Interim Chief Financial Officer provides the necessary economic and financial information to the different areas of activity and Stakeholders, for the optimization of company performance.

  • It is responsible for the management of financial resources in the short, medium and long term.
  • Leads the financial strategy.
  • It assumes the optimization of taxation, complying with applicable regulations.
  • It also focuses on the optimization of economic resources and acting with objective and homogeneous criteria within the organization.

Multinational Chief Financial Officer

External financial management: Objectives.

The Chief Financial Officer of a company must be able to guarantee its economic and financial viability and maximize its profitability through the efficient use of resources in the different areas of activity:

  • It accompanies the business in decision-making, providing the necessary financial and management information and relying on the use of technology.
  • It maximizes the efficiency in the use of economic and financial resources by forecasting long-term financial planning and providing resources in advance.
  • It constantly monitors the multiple variables that may affect the company to anticipate solutions.
  • It executes financial management in a flexible way, allowing it to adapt to the situations that an organization must face at all times.

Transitional CFO

Advantages of external financial management.

The interim financial management:

  • It keeps an organization functioning while defining and occupying a permanent CFO position.
  • It focuses on short-term goals and solutions for key moments of change and transformation.
  • It is able to stabilize a particular situation and redirects the company towards a solid and safe path.
  • It provides a comprehensive view of the business and market from an objective position, so your vision and opinion will be based solely on your ability and Expertise.
  • It establishes, with the clarity of a new perspective, a road map for the future and can rethink and improve operations.

External CFO

Lines of action

Transformation processes


The CFO is a key figure in company transformation processes, due to the cross-cutting nature of the financial function and the leadership role he must play within the organization.

Optimization of information models


The CFO is responsible for the financial and management information that he must serve for optimization in decision-making. Therefore, it must define the strategy in defining the model for analyzing company information.

The CFO as a strategic business partner


The company's business areas should consider the CFO a Partner strategic, since their support is essential when it comes to improving their performance and comparing it with the forecasts of the budget and the business plan, and to identify specific measures that help increase efficiency in the different activities carried out by these business areas.

Financial Planning and Leadership


Financial planning is the pillar on which strategic decision-making must be based, such as business growth and its operational needs for funds, investment, financing operations, financial risk hedging and many others. Therefore, the CFO must be the most responsible for leadership in this critical function, which is financial planning.

Control of international operations/international expansion


When faced with a process of international expansion of a company, financial management, with the CFO at the head, plays a key role because of the need to define new administrative and financial processes for the control of international operations, so that they form part of the business group in a consolidated way, not only at the accounting level, but at the level of all the Company's processes, especially those that relate to control and compliance.

In addition, the CFO must support this process of international expansion when it comes to meeting new needs that arise, such as the search for new service providers or funders.

Compliance & control


Along with the areas of internal and legal auditing, the financial area plays a crucial role in the important mission of safeguarding the compliance in a company. In addition to the financial nature of many of the obligations (recording of public information, tax reporting and payment of taxes, audits of financial and non-financial information...), the CFO must ensure strict compliance with many others, to avoid contingencies or malfunctions in the company's normal course of business.

In terms of control, the CFO is the most responsible, starting with financial reporting and continuing with the rest of the controls in the Company's processes. As an example, it is worth mentioning those relating to commercial transactions, manufacturing processes, investments, credit to customers, and many other processes in which control is key to ensuring the Company's efficiency and profitability.

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Multinational Chief Financial Officer

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“Financial Management must be, eminently, the support of the rest of the Areas of a Company, with the objective of increasing efficiency in all its activities, thus creating a differential value that allows it to better position itself in its Market.”


Will the CFO be flexible enough to understand and meet changing business needs?
Will the CFO have such a transversal vision that it can provide value in decision-making in a range as wide as that of the company's activities (i.e. production, purchasing, logistics, marketing, distribution, quality,... etc.)?
Will the CFO have sufficient flexibility to be able to deal with strategic issues and, in parallel, to oversee detailed operational functions that require their attention?
Will the CFO be able to build a relationship of trust quickly enough to act synchronously with the CEO and with the rest of the company's managers?
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